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Taking care of pets during a hurricane

And you can't forget about your pets.
Some of the most enduring images and heartfelt stories coming out of hurricanes past are the ones involving pets.
One local vet has weathered many a storm taking care of hundreds of animals.  He shares his experience -- and his top tips with us tonight.

You name it -- Veterinarian Ron Hayles has sheltered it.
(("During a hurricane, we'll take anything.  We've had numerous birds, squirrels, terrariums, we've had gerbils.  Anything, we take."))
Before, during and after a storm -- Hayles and his staff hunker down in the building of the coastal pet resort.

Hurricane Katrina brought hundreds of pets to his door. Many folks literally picked up pets off of the streets of New Orleans to keep them from drowning.
Hayles took many in for the duration and beyond.

(("We made posters, we made fliers and posters and they'd take 'em back home and post 'em on the local post office bulletin board or something.  We got a lot of 'em back.  We got some of them as long as two to three months before we found their original owners."))
Hayles is gearing up for storm season checking his backup generators, lights, fans and water supply.

(("We also have an agreement with the local power company that after the hurricane if we get, lose power, we're on a priority list along with the hospital.  They'll put us back in within 24 hours."))
Hayles says pet owners need to do two things before storm season even begins gather your pets' documents together into a file; licenses, vaccinations, prescriptions and number two -- maybe even more importantly -- microchip your animal.

(("Just as prepared with your pets as you will as your family, cause they're part of the family."))
One more thing to remember, Hurricanes cause pressure changes that pets may detect.
Cats and dogs may become disoriented and will likely be scared of any loud storm noises during a storm.

Taking care of pets during a hurricane

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