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Hurricane supplies

No matter what kind of season it's going to be, it's best to be ready before hurricane season.
Make sure you have an updated storm supply kit...
What you need, and how you can save money.

Shopping list graphic:
-First Aid Kit
-Food and Water
-Power Generator

If a major storm hits the area you're gonna wish you had some basic storm here's a list of some things we need...everything from batteries to flashlights to power generators.

See how much all of this will cost us
The first item on our list is a first aid kit...there's a couple different types...but this is probably the best bang for your buck. the industrial construction first aid kit.  it runs about 19:97 and it covers everything for your basic cuts, scrapes and bruises.  If you need anything more than what's on this kit, you'll probably need to go to the emergency room.

No storm supply kit is complete without flashlights. Check this one out. it's LED, it comes with its own battery and you can see it's bright enough.
The best part, it's the price is 4.97, you can put two of them in your supply kit.

If your shopping batteries, remember the two B's: bulk and brand.
Now Lowe's carries this brand called UtilieTech.
If you're shopping value they recommend this:  100 pack of double As for 21.97.

That puts you at about 21 cents a battery.
If you want to protect your home you might want to stop by the lumber aisle.

Now this is piece of plywood that's about 3/8 inch thick which is what you'll want it to protect your home.
because it's not about how hard that wind is blowing, it's about what it'll blow at your windows...

Now you might want to get about four of these depending on how many windows you have...
Each sheet will run you about 17 dollars

Remember you need plenty of food and water as well. the best advice for that is to shop early and look for deals.
This  water is going for about 4 dollars for 34 bottles...

That's pretty good, that's about 12 cents a bottle.
And as far as food goes, remember to buy canned items and non-perishables

If you're looking to buy a power's going to be one of the more expensive items on your list...
This is one of the smaller ones we found and it runs about 329 dollars .

It wont be big enough to power your AC unit.
But you can see these plugs here, it should be enough to power your fridge or freezer, even your TV set so you can watch Channel 3 for the latest weather updates.

495 dollars after taxes. that's the grand total for all the items in our cart. now if you lose that power generator, your total will be about 150 dollars and that's not bad for your safety and piece of mind this hurricane season.

When making that emergency kit don't forget important papers, prescription medicines, and any baby food or supplies like formula and diapers.

Hurricane supplies

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