Monday Night: Mostly clear, warm, and humid. Pensacola is predicted to see a morning low of 78, with inland areas a few degrees cooler. Winds from the west around 5 mph.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny and hot. Very slight chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. Pensacola is forecast to reach a high of 94, with 97-98 possible at some inland locations. 105+ heat index values are likely during the afternoon.  West winds around 5-10 mph.

Tuesday Night: Mostly clear. Temperatures will decrease to morning lows in the 70’s, with 77 predicted at Pensacola. Winds from the southwest around 5-10 mph.

Wednesday: Another mostly sunny day. Temperatures will run a couple degrees above average, with a high of 92 predicted for Pensacola. Inland areas are likely to reach 95 degrees or higher. Slight chance for showers/thunderstorms in the evening hours.  Winds from the southwest around 5-10 mph.

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