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Charlotte's Web dispensary

A local family is working to make Charlotte's Web more accessible for people in Northwest Florida.

Peyton and Holley Moseley have started a company to apply to be one of the five medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.

Their daughter RayAnn suffers from "Dravets Syndrome" and has several hundred seizures a month.
Charlotte's Web is a strain of marijuana low in THC which causes a high.
And it is high in a chemical that can reduce seizures.
The Moseley's are hopeful that it will help their daughter and others like her.
It's been a month since Governor Rick Scott signed the "Charlottes Web" bill into law. Restrictions and regulations are still being decided.

But, many are already applying to become one of the five dispensaries allowed in Florida.
The Moseley family has been spear heading the fight for Charlottes Web. Their daughter RayAnn suffers from seizures. They've even traveled to Colorado to meet the Stanley brothers. They invented the oil based strain. The Moseley's have now partnered with the Stanley brothers and want to open a dispensary in Florida called, "The Ray of Hope for Florida". 
"They can't be in all 50 states, so they honestly look for other families who are in this for the right reason and get it," said Holley Moseley.   
Holley says after looking at studies of strains similar to Charlotte's Web they know now it's the only strain they want for their daughter.

"That's what we want for RayAnn something that's safe, something that has a track record. And in Colorado 85% of the patients have a 50% to 100% reduction in seizures. I mean that's unheard of," said Moseley.
Around 40 nurseries meet regulations in Florida to become growers. The regulations say the nurseries need to be in business at least 30 years and produce at least 400,000 plants.  It's still unclear where the dispensaries will be placed around the state. But, chosen dispensaries will have 30 days to pay $150,000 for a license and post a $5 million performance bond.
"It could be any of them again that's...  location is not necessarily  what we're looking for, but more that they share in our ethics and moral's," said Moseley.
Until more regulations are made by the state the Moseley's plan to travel the Florida doing meet and greets to educate people about Charlotte's Web.