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Law enforcement cracking down on speeding & DUI's during Holiday weekend

Local law enforcement is cracking down on speeding and DUI's this weekend.
There are several checkpoints planned for the 4th of July.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety administration, nearly 40% of motor vehicle deaths happen around the 4th of July.

While many of us are enjoying the day by relaxing and barbecuing, Chambers of the Florida Highway Patrol are on our roads with these binoculars catching your speed.
Everybody in a rush to get to the beach.

Trooper Charles Mitchell let us ride along with him. They are staged all over the road,  pulling people over left and right.  When you get that not-so-fun ticket-they may seem like the bad guys, but they are doing it because they know just how deadly the roads can be.

"They say I'm ruining their holiday, but im here to make their holiday safer....'

Mitchell knows because he has seen too many deadly accidents first hand.
"You can ask just about anyone and they have lost someone they know in a car accident. Kristin Phillips lost her best friend 10 years ago."

 "You never really truly get over it, there are ways to deal with it, wish she was still here."

That's why troopers are handing out so many tickets. They say the danger comes from a combination of speeding and driving while impaired.

While we were with Trooper Mitchell, it took him just two minutes to find a speeder.
"Can I see your license?"

" You got to remember when you get near the Interstate, the speed drops when you get near the city.."

The driver didn't realize she was going 82 in a 55.

Even though getting a ticket puts a damper on the day, she's happy they are out here-keeping people safe.

"I'm glad he caught me cause something bad could happen if I kept speeding, its 4th of July, lots of crazies out..."

FHP wants people to remember you can always call 1-855-tow-to go all weekend long if you have had too much to drink and they will bring you and your car home for free.