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Custom-built planes appearing in Pensacola Beach airshow

Watching the Blue Angels is a thrill, but there's a lot more to see at the Pensacola Beach air show.
Planes ranging from classic to custom put on quite a show for you.

If this plane looks like nothing you've ever seen, you're right. The members of Team Aerodynamix say these planes are what bring them together. Each one is custom-built by it's own pilot.

Ten planes, flying in formation 3ft away from each other. The members of Team Aerodynamix do this full time, but they come from every background, former military members, a computer expert, a banker. "Well it may seem dangerous, but actually for us we're quite comfortable. You'll drive down the highway every day right next to people you don't even know. They're doing text messages they're on their phones. We fly three feet away from each other, but it's a lot of trust."

Lead pilot Mike Stewart says they do about 18 shows a year, but the moment he looks forward to the most is right here on Pensacola Beach. "We have a maneuver we call the fingertip to diamond barrel roll. I take a four-ship and I turn them right upside down over the beach. It's a moment for me to look back over my shoulder and spot the beach, and I see a half a million people sitting on the beach, and it's my one moment to capture how cool this really is."

At Pensacola Beach airshow this weekend, they'll be sharing the sky with vintage stearman biplanes. Friday the pilots of those planes offered to veterans.

Ed Williamson of Baker flew a stearman himself, when he was in the army air corps. He says these bring back a lot of fond memories. "The whole thing was fun for me, I enjoyed every minute of it. Made lots of good friends, and got a college education out of the deal, thanks to you taxpayers."

He says a 90 yrs old, he'd have no problem flying one today.

So there you go, from vintage to va-va-vroom, you will not be bored at the airshow .