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Heat dangers

Escambia County - Today was one of the hottest days in our area reaching nearly 98 degrees in some places. That's why first responders are warning people to take a break from the heat. And never leave children or pets  in your car. They can over heat in a matter of minutes and that can possibly kill them.
    The sun is what draws many people to our area, but fun is not always had in the sun. It can also be deadly. According to the Centers for Disease Control heat stress can result in heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, or heat rashes. Symptoms are sometimes easy to spot.
     "Sweating and at some point they will stop sweating. Their skin will turn red and as they continue to deteriorate they will end up passing out," said Lt. Gary Creel.

    Lietenant Gary Creel with the Pensacola Fire Department says they respond to at least two heat related calls a month.
     "There are a lot of times that we run children in who have been locked in vehicles," said Lt. Gary Creel.
    Within 10 to 15 minutes a person exposed to extreme heat could experience a heat stroke. We put a thermometer sticker used by the fire department inside a  vehicle. And waited five minutes. The temperature rose nearly 150 degrees. Making it almost impossible for a person to stay inside. But, what about animals. Much like us they can also experience "heat exhaustion"
      "I always carry an extra key, so I can leave the car running so he can have AC and leave some water in their and I lock the car," said Travis George.

    Cassaundra Rasmussen  was arrested and charged in Crestview for cruelty towards animals. Police say she left her dog unattended for 13 hours inside her vehicle while she browsed inside walmart. Another shopper saw the dog and alerted authorities but the dog died from the extreme heat.
     "She could've at least come out and checked on him and made sure he had water," said Bob Langley.
     "It's another life that you are responsible for," said Travis George.
    So if you plan on enjoying the summer sun remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. And if you feel overheated make sure you move indoors.