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Tennessee tourist bitten by shark on Okaloosa Island

It was here on the beaches of Okaloosa Island that a tourist from Tennessee found himself fending off a shark attack.

Terrell Moore, the victim, said "what was going through my head? Damn. I'm going to die. I mean, really, you know?"

Moore and his family are visiting Okaloosa Island from Pleasant View, Tennessee. On Monday, he was out for a swim, about 75 feet from the beach, when he felt the bite.

More said "it felt like getting shocked, punched and stabbed all at the same time. Electrocuted, you know? I mean, it was just like "ugh," and I felt it up my leg."

He kicked the shark, and raced for shore. He saw the shark turn, and go the other way.

Moore said "if my foot's still there, I'm good. That was my thought. So, lucky, man. Pure luck."

The bite broke bones in Moore's foot, and required stitches to close the wound. But, just two days later, Moore and his family were back on the beach.

"This is where we go. This is where we come, every year. And we won't change that. This is where I go. So will I be back? Yeah. I'll be back. I love it out here."   

Moore's not upset with the shark, either.

 "He's just doing his job, man. I'm in his house. I understand that."

However, he might change his swimming habits...

"Out that far? You can bet on it. I won't go that far again."

Moore says the family will be back, and hopes other tourists, and locals, won't be scared away from the beaches.

"Y'all get out here and have a good time. This is Florida man, this is where you want to be."

Moore says he knows the odds of being bit by a shark are less than that of winning the lottery, so he bought four tickets before he heads back to Tennessee.