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Locals' reactions over tensions in Israel

You may have noticed the billboard on 110 saying "USA support Israel."
    The Jewish community has been rocked by these attacks.

    Rabbi Eric Tokajer is using the "Red Alert Israel" app on his phone to see how many times a rocket strikes Israel.
    Every time it does, he says a prayer.
    Tokajer visited Israel two years ago when there were similar attacks.
    He remembers the uncertainty whenever he heard alarms going off and had to take cover.
    He has family in Jerusalem and just Wednesday morning, he found out a friend's brother was killed as a result of these attacks.

"I've been to Israel a number of times, but it was the first time we went when we arrived at a hotel, the first thing they showed us was the bomb shelter not the rooms," he said. 

    Tensions continue to rise and there's no sign of a cease-fire.
    Hamas continues its rocket strikes and Israel is stepping up airstrikes on Gaza.
    Tokajer says people have a disjointed view of what's really happening. He says this is an on-going conflict and believes Israel needs to step up and protect its people.

"If people were shooting rockets at Pensacola we would do something to stop it. You can only put up with so much before you have to do something to put an end to it."

    But Tokajer hopes mostly for peace and that this conflict will resolve soon, before more lives are put at risk.
    For now, he continues to keep a watchful eye on Israel.

"It's really frustrating to me. Not only as a Jew, but as a human being that this is constantly happening."

    Depsite all this, Tokajer is still planning to visit Israel in November with about 50 other people.