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Emergency workers, police and volunteers sift through wreckage of Malaysian plane

Emergency workers, police officers, even volunteers are picking through the wreckage of that Malaysia Airlines 777.

It was shot from the sky yesterday.
Its debris strewn across the sunflower fields of eastern Ukraine.

The investigation now centered on who instigated the attack.
Today the focus turns to who shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and why?

President Obama:
US officials believe it was a single missile from a complex Russian-made anti aircraft system that's mounted on a vehicle, fired from an area of Ukraine controlled by Russian Separatists..

The Ukrainians called it an Act or Terror. Yesterday they released what they say were intercepted messages between pro-Russian Rebel commanders proving they thought they were targeting a Ukrainian military plane.

But Russian president Vladimir Putin said Ukraine bears responsibility because of the ongoing instability and fighting there.

Today the rebels walked back claims that they had found the plane's black boxes. And Russia says it will not remove them from the crash scene.

But aviation experts say the black boxes may only have a couple seconds of data and won't really give any clues about those key questions of who and why.

And now the key is preserving the evidence so an independent international investigation can be launched.

Ganyard :
Like a crime scene investigation-pristine not moved or could be contaminated
We're learning more about the 298 passengers on board that doomed flight the majority of whom were from the Netherlands.

Karlijn Keijzer was a Dutch student at Indiana University.
 She was going on vacation with her boyfriend.

Rachel Weigle
I'm just in disbelief and expecting Karlijn to pop up on Facebook and tell everybody she's OK.

Also on board - as many as 108 Aids Activists, researchers and health workers heading to a major conference in Melbourne Australia.

There's still no confirmation that any Americans were on board