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Israel warns of more bombings to come in the Gaza Strip

Thousands of Palestinian residents are fleeing the Gaza Strip as the Israeli military warns of more bombings to come.

More than 160 residents have been killed as the Israeli military fights off the Islamic militant group, Hamas, and the fighting shows no signs of slowing down.

As Israeli rockets rain down on Gaza, thousands of Palestinians are on the move, fleeing their homes for safety at UN shelters.

These ambulances carried injured Palestinians into Egypt, while this convoy transported 150 Americans trying to escape.

"the bombs would just come randomly and you wouldn't know where they were bombing or why they were bombing," said Renee Ashkala from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who was visiting family in Gaza.

At schools in Gaza, classrooms have become shelters for the displaced. Many people are packing up and leaving after Israel dropped leaflets saying they were going to bomb their neighborhoods.

Since the operations began nearly a week ago, the Israelis have launched more than 1,300 airstrikes targeting Hamas installations, and their long range rocket launchers.

Hamas has fired more than 800 rockets at Israel.

Israel's equivalent of the Navy Seals entered Gaza carrying out a secret nighttime raid to destroy some of the rocket launchers, but Hamas militants spotted the team and four Israelis were wounded before an attack helicopter targeted the militants.

As the bombing continues, there is growing pressure on Israel to reach a ceasefire.

"Where we need to start is when this conflict ends, prevent further deterioration and try to begin to rebuild a set of circumstances that makes peace down the road possible," said former Ambassador Dennis Ross.

So far no Israelis have been killed thanks to the multimillion dollar "Iron Dome," but the Palestinians say more than 160 of their people have been