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Eye protection important during summer

Spending a lot of time outdoors this holiday weekend?
Well you may want to take extra steps to make sure your eyes are guarded from the sun.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology says many are unaware that certain things can cause them to be more susceptible to ultraviolet ray damage.
Those include:   
-some medications and having a light eye color like blue, green or hazel.
They say many are also unaware of the potential dangers UV rays can cause.
Too much UV exposure over a long period of time can cause tumors to develop on the surface of the eye, which can be cancerous.
In addition... It can cause issues like macular degeneration- central vision loss- or cataracts.

You can get skin cancers and skin growths on your eyelids just like other areas of skin and internally, you can get issues that are related to, um, excess amounts of sun and UV light.
There are steps you can take to protect your eyes.
- wear proper sunglasses.
-look for ones labeled, "100 percent UV protection," meaning they protect against "UVA" and "UVB" rays. 
-wear them even if it's cloudy.
-don't use contact lenses as a substitute for protecting the entire eye.
-and finally, remember, kids need protection, too.