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Fit and fabulous at any age

Are you doing the right workout for your age? Experts now say there are diet and exercise tips for every stage of life that can maximize weight loss in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond.

Decade by decade as your body changes, so should your diet and exercise routine.
"What works in your 20s is not what's gonna work in your 40s and vice versa," said Dr. Jen Ashton.

Womens health editor and fitness trainer, Jen Ator, says while in your 20s start by setting the tone early. "You really want to be thinking about building bone health and building a lot of lean muscle mass."

So ladies don't take this decade for granted, now is the time for high intensity, high impact activities, and strength training.

For those thirty somethings out there, Jen recommends cutting back on caffeine and salt, both can accelerate bone loss.
And to rev up that slowing metabolism, Jen suggests 8 to 10 reps of the burpee shuffle.

Jen recommends the 40s to eat more protein and watch portion control. "In this per-menopausal age group that's when we start to see declining testosterone levels."

And as for the big 5-0 and beyond, Jen says "a big decade of changes...you've got menopause, and your estrogen levels start to drop."
She suggest incorporating yoga or Pilates to sustain stability and balance.

But the one tip she wants everyone to hear.....Just keep moving, and know it's possible to be fit and fabulous at any age.