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Can the U.S. Soccer Fever Last Past the World Cup?

Soccer has always been the sport for the rest of the world.
Football has been America's game. Baseball it's past-time

...until now.

"There are so many Americans here in Rio de Janiero and we feel pride whenever we see each other," said Julie Beach, a U.S. Soccer fan.

Aside from Brazilians, Americans bought more tickets to this World Cup than other country, a whopping 169,000 fans like Thomas Ablao from California who spent $10,000 to be there.

"When they scored that last goal I actually almost passed out because I was jumping up and down," Ablao said.

From southern California to Brooklyn Americans are embracing soccer like never before.

The American Outlaws, a group for Soccer Fans is right in the middle of the revolution. Korey Donahoo of The American Outlaws says it's membership has skyrocketed.

"The 30 or 40 chapters we had in 2010 are now 140 chapters," Donahoo said.

And that fan base is growing faster than any other sport.  Many Americans say they are watching soccer at the same rate as professional basketball.