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HEALTHWATCH: Teens and Stress

If you think you're stressed out, imagine being a teenager in today's society.
American teens say they experience stress in patterns similar to adults, and during the school year they report stress levels even higher than those reported by adults.
How to tell- when it's too much-in today's HealthWatch report.
We all feel stressed every now and again between school, work, and home.  But there comes a point when everything on your plate, becomes overwhelming.

Remember that notion of carefree youth. Well you can forget about it.  A study by stress across America says America's teens are every bit as stressed as the adults around them - and sometimes even more -

27 percent of teens are reporting extreme stress" during the school year, and that doesn't exactly go away in the summer...

Just deciding what college I want to go to, its very stressful.

Ally Richter will be a senior next year.  She's constantly studying for AP exams, SAT's, making those big "What's next" decisions.  All while having a summer job.

I have a  lot of great teachers, I want to please all of them, but its very stressful they all put a lot of work on you, you want to do all their homework, and do great for all of them....
I just want to please everyone, go to a good college, be successful...
This is a feeling many teens share but sometimes it can be too much...

They start to notice they are having trouble, sleeping, focusing, racing thoughts, they are up at night, thinking about what they haven't starts interfering with next day activities.

Richter says she pays attention to her body and when the stress goes up-she takes a step back.

I do yoga, or I will walk, or talk to my family about what's going on.

That's exactly what doctors say you should do.  Slow down.  The easiest way to control your stress is pretty simple and only takes a few minutes...

Listening to your heart rate, one of the best, takes 5 seconds, listening for your heart rate, if you can hear your heart rate, thoughts are quiet, breath in and out. Always a good one...
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