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Las Vegas couple with extremist anti-government views kills two police officers

(ABC)  Three people are dead, including two police officers, after a couple went on a violent rampage in Las Vegas.

We're learning more about claims that the killers plotted their attack because of their extremist anti-government views.
Marci Gonzalez has the disturbing new details.
Police scanner:
"We have two officers down."

Two police officers-
Shot to death Sunday - while having lunch at a pizza restaurant in Las Vegas
Investigators say a man and woman - neighbors describe as militant, white supremacists - were behind the ambush.

Assistant Sheriff Kevin C. McMahill
"The suspects took the officers weapons and some ammunition from them on the way out the door and made a statement, something to the effect: 'This is a Revolution.'"

Neighbors in this apartment complex say the suspected killers- a couple in their late twenties - openly talked about their plan to kill police.

Krista Koch
They were going to kill as many officers as they can, and then they were going to do away with themselves. Cause they told us they didn't believe in the government or the feds or the cops and they were just going to get rid of as many as they can"

Police say - they followed through with those threats - killing 41-year-old Officer Alyn Beck and 31-year-old Officer Igor Soldo and taking their guns.

A local newspaper - The Review Journal - reports the killers then draped the officer's bodies with cloth showing a revolutionary war-era flag.

Witness - Klas Walmart Shooting 3
He just told me to tell the cops "Tt was a Revolution"

From there investigators say the killers went across the street to Walmart- killing a woman inside - exchanging gunfire with police- then running to the back of the store, where they reportedly carried out a suicide pact - the woman shooting her partner  - then herself.

The officers who were killed were both married with children.
Police say the investigation is very complex and they are still interviewing witnesses.