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Boost Mobile victim talks about the incident and her recovery

The woman who was punched in the face during last week's robbery at a Boost Mobile store is talking more about the incident and how she's been recovering.

Jessica Smith was working at the store last Wednesday when a man came in, punched her and took cash out of the register.

Pensacola Police arrested Vincent Johnson Thursday morning and charged him with robbery, battery and resisting arrest.
Police say they were able catch Johnson after getting several tips from people in the community.
Smith says she is thankful to those who helped.
She sat down with Channel 3's Amber Southard for  her first on camera interview since the incident.

"Last time we spoke with Jessica Smith she was still shook up about what happened inside the Boost Mobile store and would only do a phone interview.
Now, that her assailant is behind bars on a one million 53-thousand dollar bond.. she was ready to show her face and thank the community for their support."

Jessica Smith  " I can sleep at night and I'm sure there is other people who also can sleep at night just knowing they are a hair bit safer from something like that happening."
Jessica Smith is 6-months pregnant and never thought she would ever grab national media attention.
But after the video of her being punched in the face by Vincent Johnson went viral, it was hard for Johnson to hide.
He was arrested less then 24-hours after the incident.. thanks to tips form the community.

"This community is what led to him being arrested. I'm really thankful for that first and foremost. This community banded together to help someone and through helping me, it makes me want to help others as well."
Her now Fianc Aaron Fitch remembers what it was like finding Jessica in the hospital after the incident.

Aaron Fitch  "When I actually saw her in the ER her face is swollen, she doesn't look good, there is blood running out of her nose. And my reaction when I saw her was utter rage."
Only her nose was broken and their baby boy Isaiah  was just fine.
 Shortly after, Jessica  found out she wasn't Johnson's first victim..

He had allegedly robbed several  other woman the same violent way.
"It was scary to think that someone could have a pattern like that and that's how they kind of functioned."

Aaron Fitch "We actually in the long run really want vincent to find true change for himself in his heart."

After people watched the video gifts for baby Isaiah  and jessica started showing up.

Aaron Fitch "Just absolute gratitude towards everyone and it really does show the true heart of people."
"More then anything their words of compassion, their thoughts and their prayers have gotten me through this and its definitely held me up for sure. "
Aaron even proposed to Jessica on a national morning  radio show.

Aaron Fitch "I just wanted her to know that love and support continued mostly here..in the strongest form possible. So, yeah we're pretty happy about our situation."

"It was perfect and he's an awesome man. Hahaha"
"The couple says they are thankful for all the support and gifts but would like to donate anymore presents to local charities and expecting mothers who need help."