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Viral Video: A Gulf Breeze Dad and His Daughter Lip Sync to Frozen soundtrack

A local father and daughter from Gulf Breeze lip syncing to the soundtrack of the movie Frozen has gone viral.

They created the video while parked in a driveway back in March and it's had nearly half a million views on Youtube.

To became a star these days it seems all you need is a cell phone, the front seat of your car as a stage, and a good song to lip sync too. At least that's all one father and daughter needed to make their video go viral.
The movie Frozen is Andrew Tuckers six-year-old daughter Alissa's favorite movie. You can say she's seen it a few times.

"100 times." "yeah, it's a lot," Alissa said.

So, it's no surprise the soundtrack is on repeat while they are in the car. Back in March Andrew's wife wasn't feeling well.

"I was like lets make a video to make mommy feel better," Andrew said.

What better song then "Love is an Open Door" from Alissa's favorite movie. He posted the video to his Facebook page then to Youtube.

"When I look at all of this it's kind of crazy because we didn't practice or rehearse or anything we just kind of did it, so it's just been crazy and surreal."   

Before he knew it the video was being shown all over the nation on different websites and tv stations.

"People would just keep tagging me like look.. it was blowing me away."

People loved seeing the father and young daughter goofing around. But Andrew saw this as an opportunity to teach both of his daughters.

"One of the reasons I titled it "Yes, I'm a dork, but I'm her dork," is I wanted to show her if you can be yourself and admit to who you are then no one can really say anything negative about you."
But with the new fame came some negative comments.

"Someone was like hey man you lost your man card and I was like I think I got my man card when I got my daughters."

There is one thing Andrew would like to clear up.

"The one I always get is man you need to buckle up. For the record, we're not driving. We're in the parked position in the driveway."

I just had one question left.

"What's another song you would like to do?" "Maybe, some more Disney songs."