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HEALTH: Cosmetic procedure trend - Cinderella surgery

Now to a startling new cosmetic surgery trend for your feet!
More and more women are going to extremes to squeeze into their favorite heels . 
The surgeries can involve changing the length of toes or removing ugly bunions or painful corns there's even, "Toe Lipo" - to make a chubby toe, slim.
Dr Suzanne Levine, author of "My feet are killing me" does a version of this surgery but says women who opt to go under the knife are in pain, and the cosmetic improvements are secondary.

Dr Suzanne Levine // Podiatric Surgeon  Many times these women have long second toes that are much too long and don't fit into shoes properly and cause corns. But the majority of my patients, their feet are also hurting.

Angela Roy  I was really embarrassed by the bunions. I was really embarrassed by the corns.
They look so much better and I'm not shy at all with my feet.

But not all doctors think we should go running for cosmetic surgery for the feet, saying it could cause more problems down the road.
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