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Crisis in Iraq: Militants in Striking Distance of Bagdad

In the Middle East tonight, the fate of Iraq hangs in the balance.
After the United States lost thousands of troops and spent hundreds of billions of dollars to depose Saddam Hussein and rebuild the country, the Iraqi government is now in danger of falling to radical islamist forces.
They want to partition the country, and they have met with stunning success in a very short time.
Radical Sunni Muslim fighters calling themselves the ISIL contined to march from triumph to triumph, releasing this video showing them taking over the Iraqi town of Saadiyah on Saturday.
It is the latest advance in a breathtaking military sweep from across the Syrian border down through vast expanses of Iraq  -- now within striking distance of Baghdad.
The Jihadists posted this video, which can't be be authenticated, that seems to show them overrunning a military base -- and capturing american-made military equipment.
The Iraqi military -- despite massive training and support from the U.S. has crumbled in the face of the invaders.
Baghdad is an armed camp, bracing for what could be a last stand.
Checkpoints bristle with machine guns.
Police warily inspect vehicles at roadblocks, As nervous drivers are checked out and patted down.
The Jihadists have created a tidal wave of hundreds of thousands of refugees.
President Obama is reviewing U.S. options.
"We will not be sending us troops back into combat in Iraq."
That leaves airstrikes, using drones or warplanes.
Iraq's traditional arch-rival Iran has even offered to help fight the Jihadists, which could turn the U.S. into a makeshift ally of its sworn enemies in
The Pentagon has ordered the aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush and two guided missile warships into the Arabian Gulf.