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Pensacola Beach crosswalk concerns

During the summer Pensacola Beach is packed with people.

Some people are worried that the cross walks on Via De Luna put pedestrians at risk.
They are taking to social media to express their concerns.
Channel Three's Meg McNamara spoke with beach goers about the concerns and has more on the matter.

Meg McNamara
This crosswalk here by sidelines is one of the main ones people are concerned about. You can see that there are two yield signs but with the palm trees and bushes, drivers are concerned that their views are going to be blocked as they approach this crosswalk. 

Jenny Leidner
"I'm a critical care nurse and I see it every day and it's just a matter of time."
Jenny Leidner is the creator of the improve Pensacola Beach crosswalks group on Facebook and is very clear about what she wants to see happen.

Jenny Leidner
"It just needs to be lit and it just needs to be changed because I really think something is going to tragically happen."

Dick Bell
"When we leave here, were either gonna get a cab or call a friend because I'm scared to death to  come across this road. Some stop. Some don't. We was standing up there ya know, when two of em stopped, we started to cross and two more just flew past us."

Another piece of the message from Leidner's Group is education about Florida law which says that drivers must yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk.

Jeff White
"Not knowing why they were stopped, I just happened to slow down and that's when they stepped out in front of the other car. Other than that, I had no idea. Didn't see them on the curb or in-between the trees or nothing.

Escambia County is aware of people's concerns. So much so that they  are meeting with Gulf Power next week to look at what options are available for improving lighting and looking into options for different landscaping that won't obstruct the view, much like the one on Pensacola Beach Boulevard near the Elks Lodge.

This crosswalk epitomizes some of the changes people want to see. The signs aren't blocked by any bushes or trees. Then there's this button i can press that lights up these lights down here on the ground, particularly at night when it's hard to see and let's drivers know that I need to cross.