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Raising flooded homes in Santa Rosa County

In Santa Rosa County, 8 homes have been approved to be raised to avoid future floods.
The Florida Division of Emergency Management Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant Program only approves a few homes each year.
Many residents say the approval couldn't have come at a better time.
"This home here in Gulf Breeze has flooded four times and as you can tell the home slopes downward and that means all the water will pool up in the yard causing major damage."

George Taylor  "This ground is just pretty much sand just about and this water definitely it effects the foundation and sink holes are possible."

The family applied for the grant a year ago after watching their neighbors Jim and Marti Vickery's  home being raised.
There home also flooded in the past.
Marti "We were nervous though about it. You know you wondering when they raise your house is it going to crack in two? But, it didn't."

In fact they said it was a painless process.
For nearly 50-days the couple had to live elswhere..but the grant helped pay for half the cost of relocating for while.

Marti Vickery  "The furnishings and all stayed in the house. We did not have to move the household things out. Which was great."

The home was lifted 8-feet off the ground and now stands 12-feet above sea level .
Jim Vickery  "They removed all of the outside brick and they cut all of the pipes and everything loose and in the garage they actually went around with a big saw and cut the bricks."

"Just to give you an idea about how high this house was raised. If you look right here this was actually the bottom of the garage and all of this below was added."

To qualify,  the project must be cost effective, beneficial to the national flood insurance fund,  technically feasible, and located in a participating community.

Marti  "It worked out beautifully and it's meant security."
Funds are provided by FEMA and distributed by each state's individual counties.

"To find out more on how you can apply for the grant log onto our website at and click on Newslinks."