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More information surfaces on Sgt Bergdahl rescue

We keep learning more about the rescue of Sergeant Bowe Bergdhal.
Now, as Karen Travers show us, the Taliban have posted a video of Bergdahl's rescue.

That's Bowe Bergdahl sitting in the truck, in local dress, no beard.
Taliban fighters stand watch on a hillside
Bergdahl looks on as the Taliban shouts long live the Taliban long live Mullah Omar.

As the American military helicopters approach, Bergdahl is warned don't come back again, you won't make it out alive next time.

Once the Blackhawk lands, the hand over is swift.
Bergdahl is met by Special Operations Forces. A quick handshake and a pat down to check him for weapons or explosives.

Before he gets on the helicopter - another pat down.  The entire exchange takes just 90 seconds.  Then Bergdahl is flying off to freedom.

Here in Washington, the controversy over Bergdahl's release is not quieting down.
Senior military officials and soldiers who served with Bergdahl told ABC News he willingly walked away from his post.

Lawmakers blasted the administration for not obeying the law and informing Congress that a prisoner swap was being discussed...

Sen Feinstein/Chairman/Select Committee on Intelligence:
"I strongly believe that we should have been consulted, that the law should have been followed.

And for releasing five senior Taliban in exchange for Bergdahl.

Sen John McCain/R/AZ:
These are wanted war criminals
Today Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was asked whether he knew if any American soldiers had lost their lives looking for Bergdahl.

Chuck Hagel/Defense Secretary:
It's not in the interests of anyone - and certainly, I think, a bit unfair to Sergeant Bergdahl's family and to him, to presume anything// the Army will conduct a comprehensive review of all the circumstances regarding Sgt

Bergdahl's disappearance and I think I would leave it there.