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World Cup Soccer good for business

While some companies may have noticed an increase in sick employees today, others were enjoying a boost in business.  All because of World Cup Soccer.  The United States team took on Germany for a chance to advance in the tournament.  The U.S. lost the game, one to zero, but still moves on because Portugal beat Ghana...  It's complicated.  But as Channel Three's Jim Carmack explains, American soccer momentum continues to grow.
Like the Olympics, World Cup Soccer, or Futbol as it's internationally known, takes place every 4 years.  It's a chance for fans young, and not as young, to put on their nations colors and cheer together. 
David Martinez, who is vacationing from Dallas says, "You want to celebrate.  You want to get the vibe.  You want to have the energy of the crowd.  You don't want to be jumping around the hotel room by yourself when they score!"
"Just look around.  Americans.  Germans.  It's great.  This is what it's all about.  Being in the moment," says Bob Freed.
There was also a small German contingent at Bayfront Stadium.  They say the game has a different atmosphere in Germany.
"It's our national sport, I guess," says Petra Hegensteiner  "And so, there's a lot of support for the German soccer teams and so, yeah.  It's different than in the United States."
But American fans say the sport is gaining popularity, and that's a good thing.
"I think the U.S. game is growing.  You see support everywhere now that you didn't see before.  So it's definitely gaining steam."
"Back in the day it wasn't a big deal.  Football was the deal.  But now soccer is really becoming part of the USA now.  And we love it.  We love the sport.  It's amazing."
The game brought cheers...  Close calls...  And camaraderie.  In the end, the Germans walked away with a win on the field.  But when a game brings a country together, even in a small way...  We all win.