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Yellow Jackets attack father and son in Florida

HEALTH:   A Florida father and son are in intensive care after being attacked by a hundreds of yellow jackets.

They were more than three hundred times, and the father is severely allergic to bee stings.
Erica Rakow spoke to the victim's family and has more on how the little boy helped save his father's life.

Through Jennifer Jones' exhaustion and emotion, she just kept saying how blessed and thankful she is, mainly for the people who helped her husband and son.

They were walking on an embankment, ran out to the road, and collapsed. The boys shorts and one shoe he pulled off, still here.

Just to see them like that and so swollen and so many marks on them and it's just horrible.
Jennifer Jones says life has been a blur the past five days. She's been back and forth between two hospitals -- visiting her husband and 7-year-old son who are both in intensive care.

I wish I could take my son's pain away it's horrible.
David Alvarez, his son Jordan and their dog were walking in this wooded area near the Little Wekiva River around 7:30 last Wednesday night when hundreds of yellow jackets attacked them.

I saw a man and a boy stumbling out of the woods and stumbled across the road covered in bees.

Jordan lead his dad, who is allergic to hornets, out to the road to find help.
I know he wanted to quit because he said I just wanted to give up because it hurt so bad but I had to keep going because I seen daddy laying there on the ground.

Little did he know, more help was on the way. A bee keeper who lives close by, heard the screams.

It was pretty bad, there was chicken pox times 5, at least.
Jim Kunze threw on his bee outfit, put Jordan in his truck for A/C, and went to work killing the hornets that were still attacking David, while waiting for paramedics.

Kunze says one of them, or the dog, must've stepped on the hornets nest, which live in the ground.

They will be lucky to survive this. They were attacked that viciously.
When I got there there was actually a bee still in my son's ear.

David has developed pneumonia and a blood clot. Jordan is still having trouble breathing.

It seems like it's a rollercoaster, one gets worst, one gets better, from better to worse.
The family's dog, who also got stung, started to have liver failure and had to be taken to the vet.

Jennifer's optimism about all of them recovering from this is just amazing. She says with kids out for summer, outside exploring and playing, she really just wants to warn other parents about what could happen.

As for the nest...
The bee keeper says he is working with another bee keeper friend to remove it.
He says there could be up to 60,000 yellow jackets in it.