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On the map below, the circle over the Gulf of Mexico is for an area of low pressure heading toward Texas.  Development is not expected.  Also, we're tracking Cristobal and a tropical wave over the eastern Caribbean Sea that may become another depression though chances are low.



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Pool Chemical warning

It's that time of year when pools are packed with kids. The number one thing on parents minds is safety. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say there is a danger out there that many people don't think about, pool chemicals.

The CDC says about 5000 people a year go to emergency rooms due to pool chemical injuries. The majority of them are kids. Dr. Tim Rak, the medical director of the emergency department at Sacred Heart Hospital, said, "Pool chemicals are indeed chemicals. Even though we leave them out they can be quite corrosive. Chlorine is the most popular. Chlorine when mixed with water can form an acid, hydrochloric acid. Which can be very burning, caustic, can form a gas and people can inhale these fumes."

He said to remember the basics and treat the chemicals like you would any hazardous substance because as we all know-kids can get into anything. Dr. Rak said with chlorine tablets, "Kids can pick these up. They look like food. The natural response is to throw it up or swallow it."

Here are some rules to remember when dealing with pool chemicals.
  Read chemical product label before each use
Handle in a well-ventilated area
Open one product container at a time and close it before opening another
Minimize dust, fumes, and splashes
Measure carefully
Never mix
Chlorine products with acid; this could create toxic gases
Different pool chemicals (for example, different types of chlorine products) with each other or with any other substance
Only pre-dissolve pool chemicals when directed by product label
If product label directs pre-dissolving, add pool chemical to water; NEVER add water to pool chemical because violent (potentially explosive) reaction can occur