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City of Milton to put up new traffic signs

The city of Milton will install new signs to direct traffic to popular areas like Carpenter's Park and the city library.
The city says the way-finding signs were bought two-to-three years ago and have been directing the city since.

The Florida Department of Transportation did not permit the signs when they were first installed.
And the signs did not meet state regulation, so the city had to decide to move the signs or make the changes to comply with the state.

Ricki Vann/Reporting "Signs like this are not allowed on state roads. The city of Milton removed all the signs that were next to state roads so they could have control of the signs look like. We talked to some people who live in Milton and asked them what they thought about the signs."

Sharon Roher/Milton Resident "They are helpful to the tourist or someone who comes in to visit a family that doesn't know where it's at and the family says well meet me at Carpenter's Park I can show you how to get to my house for instance. If they don't know where Carpenter's Park is and there is no signs. How are they supposed to find it?"

Ronald Brenner/Milton Resident "Can't even have yard sale signs up, the city pulls them up, why should their be a Carpenter's Park sign up? I mean if they are going to have a Carpenter's Park sign it should be next to Carpenter's Park where people can see it."

"The ones that were here we had to take them out, move them off of the state right away or either move them to a new location.

Milton city manager, Brian Watkins says they will move the signs to city and county roads.

Brian Watkins/ Milton City Manager "In this case we had to go back and order some new signs. Re-word them, order some new ones, get them back in and probably in the next couple months put them back up."

Ricki Vann/Reporting "Six inches for capitol letters and four and a half inches for lower case letters. This is what the Federal Highway Administration says must be on signs that are next to streets with a speed limit more than 25 miles per hour. As you can see, this is sign would not be permitted by the state