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New species of mammal discovered, similar to rodent

Scientists have made a rare discovery a new species of mammal.
It's small and similar to a rodent.

It has more in common with "elephants" than with mice.
At first glance, it looks like a rat.
Long tail.
Small furry body.
But look at that long nose

"They are actually more closely related to elephants they they are to mice."
It's official name:
Macroskeledies Micas.

"Think about crossing a miniature antelope and an anteater."
It's a new species of elephant shrew.

"For some groups of organisms..they are constantly describing new species but for mammals its rare."
And the world may never have known about this little guy if Galen Rathburn didn't stumble over it.

He was walking thru the desert in Namibia when he first saw one:
"I noticed that there were some differences that didn't make sense, so I came to Jack for genetics."

"When we sequenced the DNA and looked at them a little more closely.. we said this thing is really different."
How different?

"They eat termites and insects so they are like little anteaters.. they have that long nose."
"They are monogamous which is unusual."

"When they do give birth.. it's to twins or triplets.. they are fully furred and ready to run."
 And his home looks like the surface of. Mars.
Here he is in the display at the California Academy of Sciences... Happy to blend in... At least for now.