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Hurricane Tax Free Holiday begins tomorrow

And to help you prepare, the state of Florida will not be charging sales tax on certain hurricane preparedness supplies.
The Sales Tax Holiday runs tomorrow through June 8th.
Channel Three's Jim Carmack gives us a look at some of those items.

Jim Carmack, Channel 3 News
"You'll probably hear a lot of talk about hurricane season beginning June 1st.  And there will be discussions about predictions and how active the season will be. But one thing the experts do agree on is that now it the best time to get prepared for the hurricane season.  You do not want to wait until the last minute.  We are at Lowe's.  This is Danny Parker.  Danny, you've been here when there is a tropical storm or hurricane in the gulf.  What is it like in the store when people are coming last minute to get these items?"

Danny Parker/Lowe's
It's one of those things where everyone comes last minute shopping for batteries, flashlights, gas cans, water, generators, and if we get everything now, then the rush to get everything is not last minute."

"If people are intimidated by items like generators or aren't sure exactly what they might need, you guys will be here to help them?

"Absolutely, we'll go through each scenario they might have and help them determine the size of generator they need."

"In addition to the upcoming sales tax free week, you guys also have some events going on to help as well, correct?"

"Yes, each of the stores in town will be having an event on Saturday, tomorrow, and again the following weekend to help people get prepared.  They can come in and ask the experts, if they have any last minute questions at that time we can help them out."

"Thank you.  Again, it's a tax free week in the state of Florida, you can get hurricane preparedness items, there are some limitations, but you don't have to pay any sales tax on the items through June 8th.  If you'd like to take a look at that list you can do it on our website at www.weartv.com.  "