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Working tirelessly to help a Pensacola man bring his dying wife home

ESCAMBIA COUNTY  --  Last week's flood has people who never needed help before reaching out to the community.
One man is thanking a number of volunteers..
They're working hard so his very sick wife can come home.
"Slowly but surely many people are starting to clean up and get their lives back together to some sense of normalcy after the flood, but some people like, Ernest Hickerson, are on a very strict time line."

Back in October Ernest Hickerson's wife Connie was diagnosed with cancer. She had several tumors in her abdomen.
She was later diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and suffered a stroke  paralyzing the left side of her body.
Together for 38 years Ernest had to come to grips with his wife's diagnosis.
"I was always in the frame of mind that I would expire before my wife."   

She was placed in Hospice car and moved back into their home.
Ernest slept in a twin  bed next to his beloved wife.

Ernest Hickerson  "For me to be here with her was just love. That's all."
Last week, flood waters reached nearly 2-feet inside.
Earnest and Connie were rescued by a raft..
She was put back in the hospital separating the couple while Ernest repairs their home.

"I would not want her to expire in Hospice. I really wouldn't want that at all. If she is to expire that is God's will and she will fall asleep then of course I want her to be in the home that we've had and shared for over 20 years."

Many groups like the Baptist Recovery Team and Lowe's have now offered a helping hand..
By donating time, materials, and man power to help Ernest get his house fixed and Connie back where she belongs.
The couple couldn't be any more thankful for the acts of kindness.
"For her to be able to come home will be a  tremendous act and she will be extremely happy and joy will be in our hearts and I can't wait for her to come home."

"The Baptist Recovery team plans to come back to Ernest's house Friday morning to start repairs."