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HEALTH: Musculoskeletal disorders

Doctors have found new way to help people with Musculoskeletal disorders 

Therapist to Miss Virginia has Bursitis in her knee traditional treatments haven't work well for this 67-year-old retired nurse in Franklin.

Virginia Lang: I couldn't kneel; I couldn't squat  and as a result of the limp my other leg started to hurt.

Using Astym tools at Angel Medical Center, Kristi Geoghagan combs out the muscles and not just the ones around the knee, stimulating blood flow and movement, while relieving pain.

Therapist: By treating her foot we're going to work on making her gait pattern and walking pattern more fluid.

Virginia: My first appointment was in February and pretty much I'm pain free now unless I do something really acute with that knee.

Cross Country Runner Caroline Foster won't soon forget this past season.

Caroline Foster: 7th grade, 13  my foot just felt like it was going to split in half, really bad pain...
This is the evaluator and it helps break up the fibrosis in the Plantar Fascia.

Therapist:    Where they have been limited by pain before, this gives them hope they don't have to be limited and can get back into life usually in less than 10 treatments.
Therapists say insurance will typically cover the cost of Astym
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