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What to do if your car was damaged by the floods

Our area saw plenty of cars washed out onto the roads.
Some were just stranded in parking lots and driveways.

Channel 3's Kalie Desimone shows us what you need to know if water flooded into your car.

There's the saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words' or maybe in this case a picture could be worth thousands of dollars.

Take pictures of the damage, especially of your car submerged if you can.

Do not try and start your car if it has been flooded. It can cause more damage. You can usually tell if the car was submerged by checking if the seats or carpet is saturated.
Check the air-filter under the hood. If the paper filter is wet, do not try and start the car.

You risk having severe mold problems no matter what you do. But leaving windows open, or using household fans will not dry the car out. Do not use space heaters or anything with a heat-core to dry out your car.
The micro-electronics, if they got wet, will never be the same.

If the water got into the engine compartment or inside the cabin of the car, you must be prepared for the worst case scenario if you don't have comprehensive insurance coverage, it's a total loss.

For more information on what other steps you can take if your car was damaged in the flood you can log onto our website weartv.com.