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Renters are looking for new homes

As the flood waters start to drop, many homeowners are trying to figure out the best way to clean out their homes.
But for people who rent, they find themselves in a different situation.

Channel Three's Rob Brown shows us some are being told they'll have to find somewhere else to go.

As piles of possessions ruined by flood waters start to stack up on the sides of streets in neighborhoods like this one, many who rent their homes have been told they need to get out, and some have no idea we're they're going next.

People who rent in one Pensacola neighborhood, say their landlords have condemned their homes.

The landlords paid for two nights in a motel,  and told them they needed to move out by Saturday.

People living here were not the only ones....
Friday, the streets of Pensacola were full of moving trucks, taking renters anywhere they could find a roof to sleep under.

Tim Ingram "We don't know where we stand. And in the mean time, by the time they get places going again, where do we go? I have no place to go."

Other renters I spoke with said they'd be sleeping...

Tim Ingram "In our car. Probably go up to Walmart and park on the back side of the parking lot. Where else do I go?"

Tim Ingram says he's not sure what's next.
"I'm lost. I'm lost and I'm praying somebody out there knows the answers."

While many complexes are doing all they can to help residents find shelter, with so many renters, that is difficult to do, especially for those in low income areas.

Tim Ingram "What are those people who aren't making money going to do? Put our stuff on the curb?"

Ingram says while waiting for new rental properties to open up, some renters may be left in the cold.
"It'll be months before they clear housing to where we can move. Where do we go in those months? Where do we go? We need help. We really do."
Renters say it's one thing to lose your material possessions. It's another thing to not know where you'll be sleeping that night.