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Cresent Lake continues to dig out of debris

A letter requesting a Disaster Declaration has been sent to President Obama.
Florida Governor Rick Scott sent the letter today, asking the president will declare the area a federal disaster zone.
That would clear the way for Federal Disaster Relief.
Across the gulf coast, flood damage is still being assessed.
People in the Crescent Lake neighborhood say there is nothing left to do but wait for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, for help.
How workers are trying to help residents get back on track.
It still looks like a scene from a movie out here in the Crescent Lake area.
Neighbors say you can already start to tell the neighborhood is improving,.
But residents are still asking  one question. Where is FEMA?

Crews have been working all day moving dirt and debris.
Outside Sonja Sheffields mothers home a nearly 15-foot hole sits outside the front door.
This is where the road washed out during the storm.
She says her elderly mother has been stuck inside her home since Tuesday night.

Sonja Sheffield "Poor people like my mom they can't afford to do anything except sit here and wait for FEMA or somebody to help."   
She says her mother is afraid to remove water damaged  items outside her home.
Because people might take some of her belongings.

Sonja Sheffield  "She won't let me take anything out of the house and I don't see anybody else doing it either."
Crystal Robinson lives a few blocks away..
The water came up chest high inside her apartment.
She lost everything.
Crystal Robinson  "I'm literally just hanging on by a thread. It's overwhelming.  I don't know what to do."   
Crystal says she has no where to go.   She doesn't want to leave her dog behind. Many shelters are not accepting pets
She's been sleeping in her yard at night.
Crystal Robinson  "I've asked around and went around to different churches and stuff and I love that they gave me trash bags and things to clean up with, but I need things like bedding and a roof over my head."
Governor Rick Scott signed a request for emergency declaration and sent it to Washington for President Obama to sign.
Once the county receives the signed declaration Disaster Resource Centers will be set up throughout the county.
Until then county crews are working diligently trying to temporarily repair certain areas.

"I've already looked at everyone of them and given them a thumbs up. They are doing the best they can and they're doing a fantastic job."

Things are starting to look different in most of these areas.
County engineers have been out assessing the damage and hope to have permanent solutions soon.