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First time sandbaggers

The threat of more heavy rain is not setting well with people who are still dealing with standing water and damage from last weeks storm.

People were lining up to get sandbags and sand, to protect their homes.
This was the last thing people thought they would be doing Friday morning, picking up tons and tons of sand, they are trying to prevent more rain from going into their homes.

That's why all three counties are handing out sand to help them any way they can.
Vehicles were lined up before it even started.

Pile after pile of dirt brought in.
Workers bagging and  loading it as fast as they could.
Hoping 10 bags per family would be enough....

We first met Laurie Kreuser where she was picking up sand. 
It's been very frustrating, living in chaos,  We had water come in and flood our family room, and that carpet totally destroyed, spilled into all the bedrooms.

She invited us back to her house on Croydon Road near Olive and 9th.
"Get out here and load some sand."

She put her army of six sons to work to help place it around the house.
It's been really difficult go through flooding and then knowing we may go through it again but together

I don't even know whether to put them on inside or outside, we are just going to do figure out what to do where to put them.

 For many people-this is their first time using sand bags. They used to think they were in an area that didn't flood but now they know better.   So how does sandbagging actually work?

The main thing they want to looking for is what is lowest point of entry, if they have water that comes in front door, certainly want to put bags, all your points of entry are the hotspots

For Kreuser and her family-they are counting the small blessings-hopeful that mother nature will be a little more kind to them-this time around...