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City of Gulf Breeze creates Storm Water Task Force

SANTA ROSA COUNTY - The city of Gulf Breeze is creating a Storm water Task Force to figure out ways to prevent flooding.  More than 300 homes were damaged in Gulf Breeze by the torrential rains just over two weeks ago.  Wednesday night the city council unanimously approved naming several residents and an architect to begin as soon as possible to analyze the city's storm water systems and come up with recommendations for improving it.

All of the flooding that happened in Gulf Breeze raised questions like how did it happen, and how to prevent it from happening again.  That's why the city council is starting up a flooding task force.

The Gulf Breeze City Council decided the unprecedented flooding needs to be studied.
A flooding task force is the route the council felt was best to study the flooding and drainage situation in Gulf Breeze.
The Task Force will review the storm water infrastructure and maintenance practices. 
They will also listen to input from affected residents and come up with recommendations that will hopefully fix the flooding problem.

"Have a committee made up of experts in the field, architects, engineers, citizens that were impacted, property owners" said Buzz Eddy, Gulf Breeze City Manager.

The city council will appoint eleven people to make up the task force.
The Gulf Breeze City Manager says the task force would also need to come up with ways to help pay for the improvements.
Longtime resident, Bill Lay likes the idea of the flooding task force.

"Up the street is a drainage system, but the question is, is it maintained properly, is the pump working properly all those sorts of things" said Bill Lay, Gulf Breeze Resident.

Bill's neighbor, Lindsay Blanton also agrees with the task force.
She says she'd like to see more drainage and better pumps to help reduce flooding.
She'd also consider joining the task force herself to help make a difference.

"If I can be involved in anything that will help better the community, and keep this from happening again you bet I want to be a part of it" said Lindsay Blanton, Gulf Breeze Resident.

The first meeting to address the task force will be next Thursday, May 22, at the community center.