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Rain causes huge setback on one Okaloosa County road project

Crews across our area have started on massive repairs to flood damaged roads. There were some worries that yesterday's rain could undo what progress they've made.

For the most part, the work that's been done held up well. But there was a bit of a setback for a big project in Okaloosa County.

Laura Hussey "Water blew out this large diameter pipe at the intersection of 393 and Poverty Creek Road in Dorcas. County crews are having to replace about 150 feet of it"   
They've been on the job for several days, tearing out all the damage and laying in new pipe.

Frances Yuhas/Dorcas "In the beginning I saw the sign, it was only supposed to be a couple of days or whatnot. I've noticed they changed the sign and it's taking a little longer, which is understandable with all the rain, it seems to just keep coming down"

About seventy-five percent of the pipe was in place Wednesday, but not yet secured. Just an inch or two of rain was enough to float all the new pipe out of position, and to wash several feet of sand back into the hole they'd excavated.

Jack Smart/Dorcas "Always, it's always a setback, you know there's a lot of places around here that are the same way."

It will mean an extra two or three days on the job. For drivers, those are extra days of delays and detours.

Frances "The little detour we have to go up here is a bit scary with the sharp turns, and a lot of people don't want to slow down and pay attention and it's a bit scary"   

This crew doesn't usually do repairs, their job is new construction. But the Public Works Director says every resource is being used to give people safe access to the places they need to be.

Frances "It's hard sometimes to get to work with delays and all that. But besides that, we're hanging in there"

Laura Hussey "There's another wrinkle to all this. With all of these emergency repairs, crews could be pushed up to 120 days behind on already-scheduled repairs and maintenance. "