• Victims identified in Baldwin County plane crash

    07/23/14 19:25:49

    Two bodies have been found in the wreckage of a plane crash in Baldwin County, AL. They are identified as 67 year old Dean Legidakes and 15 year old Marli McManus.

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Worst Corporate apologies

Disgraced LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling dug himself deeper into a hole with his apology, but he is not the first businessman to do so.
Christine Romans looks at some of the worst offenders.

"I'm really sorry. I am. I'm sorry."

It doesn't matter if you apologize if it's not sincere.
Apologies don't have to be sincere. It's just the act of the apology itself.

The art of the apology may be lost on Larry David. But the corporate suite doesn't always get it right either... After dealing with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, BP CEO Tony Hayward offered this:
"We're sorry, we're sorry for the massive disruption it's caused their lives. There's no one who wants this thing over more than I do. I'd like my life back."

He got his life back-- he was replaced less than two months later and comedy central's "South Park" rubbed it in...

"We're sorry. We're sorry. Sorry."

Nothing says "I'm sorry" like free pizza. That's what Chevron offered residents of Bobtown, Pennsylvania after one of its gas wells exploded-- killing a worker. "The Daily Show" mocked Chevron's attempted apology.
"Ok everyone calm down. Ok. Sounds like you're hungry. I know just the trick. Pizza!'

Comfort food couldn't help Paula Deen. She took a seat on the "Today Show" to apologize for making racist comments... And she got biblical...
"If there's anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back if you're out there pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me."

But Deen couldn't butter up her sponsors. They fled and her Food Network show shut down. Deen is attempting a comeback... But for Lululemon's former chairman -- there was no coming back from comments about the company's high-priced yoga pants...

Quite frankly some women's bodies just don't work for it.

Co-founder Chip Wilson tried to apologize after offending customers. But his mea culpa was only to employees!

"I'm sorry to have put you all through this."

Sales stalled, the stock plunged, Wilson resigned. At Target, CEO Gregg Steinhafel apologized for a hack that exposed tens of millions of customers' private information. I'm sorry came with free credit monitoring and 10% off for a whole weekend.

Sales fell, the hack expanded -- he resigned.

And I'm so sorry and I'm so apologetic.

The lesson for Donald Sterling: In business,  saying sorry isn't enough. It's how you say it.