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Johnson and Olive bridge collapsed during flood storm

Communities are still focused on cleaning up after the storms.
More than 1200 homes in Escambia County are destroyed.

That's according to the intial damage report by the County.
That number is about 350 in Santa Rosa County.
And in Okaloosa County, 74 homes destoryed.

That number is expected to rise with individual cities still tallying up the damage.

Out in the roads, we're still seeing washed out and bridges.
The bridge near Johnson and Olive collapsed during the storm.

Channel 3's Ricki Vann is live near that bridge.
She spoke with a man who has his truck in the rumble.

Right behind me is the bridge that fell in Tuesday night. If you can see with my flash light, the red truck is sitting in the middle of the wash out- the water is flowing around it. We spoke with the owner of the truck who says the bridge fell on him and his friends.

"Is that your truck down there? Yes it definitely is and it don't look too good."

Christian Ramirez says he was with four of his friendsTuesday night when the bridge fell.
"Well we were trying to do some off roading... Some intense stuff and that didn't turn out too good."

He says it was around 9pm when the bridge collapsed on his truck.
"Well this whole thing was caving in and we were coming down from right there so we had another truck pull me out this way and try to pull me out that way and that's about where we got stuck."

He says they climbed out of the windows to get out.
"Well we were here pretty much the whole night just trying to get out and see what we could do to pull the truck out. Couldn't get a hold of a tow truck company at all."

He says everyone who was in the truck is fine.
"It was terrifying but at the same time it was pretty fun. We were in another big truck, it was really lifted so we were just trying to have a good time and be optimistic about the truck just being totaled."
"It was just  storming all over the place. We were just riding around and being foolish. We probably shouldn't of left the house... and now I don't have my truck."

If this is a part of your morning commute, people who live in this community say it's best to take East Johnson, North to University Parkway, then turn to North Davis Highway and then meet back up with Olive Road. They say it takes about 5 extra minutes to go around this collapsed bridge.