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Santa Rosa Co family gets first look of home after the storm

SANTA ROSA COUNTY  --  Some people in Santa Rosa County are trying to clean up their homes, while the streets in their neighborhood are still flooded.   
Channel Three's Laura Hussey was with a family taking their first look at their home since they left at the height of the flood.

Laura Hussey "When Chris and Melissa Scott moved into their duplex in Gulf Breeze about a year ago, they knew there was a retention pond way back behind those trees. They never thought it would be in their backyard, even worse, in their home"
Flooded streets kept the Scotts from hurrying back after the storm.
Even though they braced for it, seeing what the water left behind is hard.

Tristan "The walls are all dirty" Melissa "yes" (HOLD as he hugs and kisses her)
Chris Scott says water was coming through doors and walls the night of the storm.

They left when it was five inches deep, and sewer water was starting to mix in.

Chris "I've never experienced anything like this ever. I've never lost my home, had any damage to my home"
He carried four-year-old Tristan through the floodwaters in the dark, wondering what was brushing up against them.
Sometimes there are snakes in the drainage pond that overflowed.

This time it was something smaller.
Chris "We got up to the store, we had ants all over us from where they were just coming out of the ground. They were trying to find shelter too"
The Scotts have already arranged to rent a new house high and dry and away from retention ponds.

Chris says young Tristan has not cried or complained.
He's proud of how the little man has stayed strong for his mom.

Chris "He's been awesome. He loves his mother more than any kid I've ever seen, and he has stayed right beside her"

Laura Hussey "Melissa Scott says they're lucky. They have family and the means to find a place to stay. She says she's very worried about the people who don't. "