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Gulf Power's new transformers help restore power quicker

Severe thunder and lightning hit Northwest Florida last night.
More than 4500 people were in the dark this morning.
By 9:30 am electricity had been restored to most homes.

Gulf Power says they were able to turn the power on quickly because of their new transformers.
Gulf Power Representative, Natalie Smith says Gulf Power has been installing new transformers since 2010.

She said they help their customers get power quicker than they used to because of this new equipment.
Today was a prime example. Smith said "These types of installations help our customers experience less outages and when they do experience them, they are shorter."

Since 2010, Gulf Power has installed more than 500 new transformers across the system. Their life span is 30-years and each one costs about $760. The cost of the new transformers is distributed among Gulf Power customers.

Owner of Wetland Sciences, Craig Morgan's power was out at his business this morning. Morgan said soon after he arrived, so did Gulf Power.

After they changed the transformer in front of his business to one of their new transformers, his power came right back on.

Martin says it's worth paying more in his electric bill if he doesn't lose power or if he does lose power it's not off for a long period of time.

"I would pay for such service that would let us have power in down situations."
Homeowners like Donavay Hastings who lost power last night say the improvements were needed.

"They used to have to check the whole line, where it was broken and now they don't have to do that anymore. So Gulf Power is making strides, but it doesn't help my power bill any."

Smith said, "We have been around a long time and we have to make sure that we stay on top of upgrading those lines and invest in them to make sure that they stay reliable for our customers."