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YOUR THREE CENTS: Do you support or oppose the mandatory labeling of genetically modified food?

Vermont is about to become the first state in the nation to require the labeling of genetically modified food... or "specifically, Genetically Modified Organisms".
A bill now waiting for the governor's signature would require the labeling by July, 2016.
The state Attorney General has been tasked with figuring our exactly what those labels would say.
Meat, dairy, liquor and prepared food sold in restaurants would be exempt.
 "Genetically modified organisms".... or "GMO's" are plants and animals whose cells have been inserted with a gene from another species to give them desirable characteristics, like resistance to pests or disease... or better nutritional value.
Genetically engineered plants have been around for decades now..
Food manufacturers say 70% to 80% of packaged food on a typical supermarket's shelves would need to be labeled.
And Vermont is already expecting a lawsuit from those companies.
But supporters say they hope the Vermont law will inspire similar laws across the country.
GMO labeling is already required in 64 countries, including the European Union.

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