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Health Alert: Boil Water Notice

ECUA is aware of low pressure and discolored water in some areas. Crews now working to figure out problem. Cordova Park has problems related to the cave-in at Scenic Highway. They have a big main that runs through that area. If pressure is low, and water is discolored, or if you have any concerns about your water, follow these guidelines.  What Should You Do?
How to purify water- When a  precautionary boil water notice is issued you'll want to have a safe and adequate drinking water supply in your home until service can be restored. To do this you'll need to purify the water by using one of several methods:
Boil vigorously for 3 to 5 minutes and let cool.

Hypochlorite Bleach
Use regular liquid bleach from the home laundry or grocery store.DO NOT use a bleach that has a fragrance or scent.Read the label to find the percentage of chlorine available. It should be 5.25%.Add 6 drops to a gallon of water and let stand at least 30 minutes.If the water has a strong chlorine smell after 30 minutes, pour back and forth between two clean jugs or containers until the smell has dissipated.
Affected sites: 
Mandatory boil water notice for residents living south of Creighton Road, East of I-110 to the Bayfront.

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