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HEALTH: Young dads at risk for depression same as mothers

Postpartum depression is a big concern for new moms, but a new study says that new dads are also at a risk of depression.
Researchers at Northwestern University found that younger dads are especially at risk.
Researchers studied more than 10,000 new fathers who were around 25-years-old when their child was born.
The study found that depressive symptoms rose, on average by 68 percent, over the first five years of fatherhood for men who lived with their children.
These fathers reported feeling extremely anxious, not being able to enjoy things in life they previously did, or just feeling like they have the blues.
The researchers note as well, that the dramatic increase in depressive symptoms takes place during some of the most important years of their child's lives.
The study's lead author says this is the first study to identify that fathers are at risk, and hopes it will lead to more awareness and treatment for young fathers.
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