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HEALTH: Choosing not to vaccinate children

Childhood vaccines have been a right of passage for years..
But more and more parents are now protesting, and refusing to give their children the shots.
Parents would decide *not to vaccinate their children.

Steve and Victoria Carrico are part of a small but growing minority parents who *choose* not to vaccinate their children, calling it a "personal choice."

Steve Carrico  Parent   We told them no vaccinations right off the bat.
The Carrico's and their 2-year-old twin daughters live in Orange County, California where there are 21 confirmed cases of measles so far this year. 

That's more than the number of total cases just 4, for all of California this time last year.  And *this year authorities already confirm 49 measles cases throughout the state. And  in 14 of those - the patients were intentionally not vaccinated.

Dr. Eric Handler  Orange County, CA Health Officer   This is a preventable disease. If children get it it's serious..

California is one of several states that allows parents to turn down vaccinations for personal beliefs.

The fewer people vaccinated the greater chance the disease will spread.
The Carrico's say they will eventually get their daughters vaccinated - but not until they're older and stronger.  And say they feel the measles outbreak in California is being overblown.

Steve Carrico  Parent    And we feel that we're making these decisions on our own and we'll take responsibility for them.

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