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West Florida recycling temporarily closed

Last week, we told you that West Florida Recycling has temporarily stopped its operations.
Santa Rosa County and the City of Pensacola now have nowhere to take items to be recycled.

What Santa Rosa County is doing  to keep your recyclables out of the landfill.
I'm here at West Florida Recycling, where business is at a stand still.
Recent heavy rains have caused the recycling center to shut down until further notice.   
What they are doing with all the items people are *trying to recycle.
Santa Rosa County is looking at new ways to recycle.

With West Florida Recycling temporarily closed, the county is working on an alternative plan.

Hunter Walker/County Administrator "Currently what we are doing is trying to hold as much of it as we can and the other part goes to the landfill until we can figure out some other kind of way around that. We don't like it, no body likes it but that is what are are having to do."

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority is taking their recyclables to a recycling processing plant in Georgia but the Santa Rosa County Administrator says they don't have the staff or the equipment to do that.

 "It is not going to be a fast or an easy process. We are dependent on West Florida, they have to get back up and running or an alternate site or what ever they are going to do but we are not waiting on them. We have the requests and the proposals out and we are going to go through the process of making sure we can establish our program."

People who recycle in Santa Rosa County like Gale Bohatka go the extra mile to separate their trash and don't want to see it to be wasted.
"I hate to see pollution and any kind of misuse of our beautiful planet and the recycling does help."

Harry Felder of Gulf Breeze says not recycling is wasteful.
 "I think that is totally wasteful. I think where there is a use for products-- use it."

Trash is trash, you can't reuse it. But recycling you can... The glass, the plastic..."

We reached out to the City of Pensacola to find out if they are working on an alternate recycling plan but so far they have not gotten back with us.