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Residents still pushing to remove homeless camp

The fight over a homeless camp in West Pensacola is not quite over yet.
Last week, an Escambia County magistrate ruled that the homeless camp off Massachusetts Avenue is not violating county code.

The land is owned by Sean's Outpost and it's a common place for the homeless to stay.
County commissioners have thirty days to appeal the magistrate's ruling.
As Channel Three's Jenise Fernandez explains, residents who live near the camp, are not giving up.
In this wooded area off Massachusetts Avenue is where you'll find that 9-acre homeless camp.
It's something residents have been trying to get rid of, but have not had much luck.
They're now hoping county commissioners take action.

A wooden fence with "no trespassing" signs surrounds the camp ground, but in this video taken last month, you can see how the community looks beyond those gates.
The camp is in the woods, adjacent to the Mayfair neighborhood, residents here say it's still creating problems.

Pam Nolan
"I'm a Christian person, but take them to your neighborhood then if you're more Christian than I am. take them, get them out of my neighborhood."

Richard Grimes spear-headed the cause to get rid of the camp.
He says, he's mainly been worried about his son's safety, saying he's seen people walking around neighbor's homes late at night.

"We've got a lot of kids in the neighborhood... these are the ones we need to worry about."

The property is owned by non-profit group, Sean's Outpost.
The group won the fight to stay after allegations they violated county code were dismissed.
But residents, like Pam Nolan, see it differently.
She says they're violating county code, and the camp has been nothing but a nuisance.
"You've got homeless people walking around all the time, begging for money... going through your trash at night."

Neighbors plan to keep fighting until the camp is gone for good.

"It's funny to me though that north hill didn't want a probation office in their neighborhood... no one seems to care about this."

Che County Commission is expected to discuss this at Tuesday's meeting.
Reporting in Escambia County, Jenise Fernandez, Channel Three News.