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E-Cigs' liquid refill bad for health

Electronic cigarettes are a popular alternative to conventional ones.
But experts say the liquid nicotine used in many of the devices can be dangerous, especially for children.

Nicotine it's a poison and when it's liquefiedits a highly concentrated poison. 

Ren Gaulrapp learned that hard way, when her 4 year old son got into liquid nicotine used to refill e-cigarettes.
"Hear a little bit of a noise, come in and he has taken the lid off of all of them and has this liquid everywhere. He's got it all over him. He's been eating it.

Her son vomited all day long and was rushed to the emergency room.

Calls to poison centers involving e-cigarettes have surged.

215 in February alone, just three and a half years ago calls averaged only one per month.

The centers for disease control says the liquids, which come in flavors like melon and strawberry, look and smell like candy.

Reporter: "So one mouthful of this for a child is like eating...?"

"That's like eating four or five cigarettes. That could be lethal."

And poison control experts say you don't even have to swallow liquid nicotine to get sick.

Reporter: "So you've gotten calls from people while they're filling this thing up. It spills on their skin and they start to feel sick?"

"Yeah. You can start feeling sick in as little as four to five minutes."

A spokesman for e-cigarette makers says they are trying to work with regulators on childproof packaging and warning labels, but he put some of the safety burden on consumers, too:

"This is an adult product and should be treated as such," he wrote.

"Responsible behavior should be promoted and enforced."

The centers for disease control call these liquids a threat.

Poison experts say bottles can spill, cartridges can break and little hands can get into this highly concentrated poison.