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Pensacola woman convicted for deadly fight

PENSACOLA -- A Pensacola woman was supposed to learn her fate in court Friday for a deadly fight outside the Morris Court Apartments last year.
The judge delayed her sentencing because her lawyer couldn't be in court Friday.
In February a jury found Miyoshi Robinson guilty of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.  Robinson beat Ronkia Sconiers, 18, until she was unconscious, Sconiers later died from her injuries.

Robinson could face up to 15 years in prison, but the judge's decision to delay her sentencing is unwelcome news for the victim's family.

The last 15 months have been tough for Dollie and Cornelius Coram.

"I lost my one and only child, my grandson lost his mother, and I'm just mad about it" said Dollie Coram, Victim's Mother.

Their daughter, Ronkia Sconiers got into a fight with Robinson in January 2013.  Prosecutors say Sconiers was knocked unconscious and Robinson kicked her in the head several times.  Sconiers died from her injuries a few days later.
The Corams now live in New York.  They traveled back to Pensacola to hear for themselves what Robinson's fate will be for her role in their daughter's death.

"We keep waiting for this thing to the end.  How do you work on your healing process if you can't get it closed?" said Cornelius Coram, Victim's Father.

Escambia County judge, Edward Nickenson decided not to sentence Robinson Friday because her lawyer couldn't make it back to Pensacola and be by her side.

"She should get the maximum because she took my one and only child" said Dollie Coram.

After the court hearing, emotions ran high amongst the families as they briefly argued outside the courthouse.

Without a sentence for Robinson, Ronkia's family has to wait a little longer for some closure.  They say each time they travel to Pensacola, it wears on them.  The family feels Ronkia's two year old son has lost most in all of this because he now has to grow up without his mother.

"At some point in time, I'm praying this thing is over with soon so we can go on about our lives" said Cornelius Coram.

Robinson's next court date will be April 11th.