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Area palm trees still recovering from winter freeze

Beaches in our area are known for their bright colors, the white sands, the blue water, but the green palm trees maybe harder to enjoy this year.
Channel 3's Kalie Desimone has more on what some businesses are doing to 'save' their iconic trees.

From Perdido Key all the way down here to Orange Beach this is the common sight; either bare or brown palm trees.

Brian Edmonds- Director of Services, Turquoise Place
"It was a very harsh winter. You can tell by our palm trees."

Dry, brown and brittle, these palm trees really took a hard hit from the ice and winter weather a few months ago.

Brian Edmonds- Director of Services, Turquoise Place
"A lot of extra money went into trimming them, cutting them down. That wasn't in the budget of keeping them maintained at all."

Now landscapers at condominiums, RV resorts and hotels on the Gulf Coast must take on a huge job.

Brian Edmonds- Director of Services, Turquoise Place
"We are waiting on the growth to come back. We are doing some cutting back now."

But Brian Edmonds, the Director of Services at the Turquoise Place on Orange Beach, isn't just relying on his own judgment on how to fix the more than 200 palm trees on the property.

Brian Edmonds- Director of Services, Turquoise Place
"We are talking to a specialist, a professor out at The University of Florida."

Mark McBride purchased this RV resort a little more than a year ago and had just finished up a major landscaping overhaul when the winter blast came to his front door.

Mark McBride- Owner, Playa Del Rio
"You spend a lot of money improving property on the Key then you get hit with a hard winter. It's pretty tough."

McBride says he's come up with a plan to re-plant and manicure the property and just in time for the busy season.

Mark McBride- Owner, Playa Del Rio
"As we get into the summer, we'll address that and get this place looking good again."

Those who are responsible for caring for these trees say it will just be a matter of time before they'll know if the tree's made a full recovery. Reporting in Orange Beach. Kalie Desimone, Channel 3 News.